How We Make Your Carpet Look Magnificent

Our only goal in life is to make your carpet look as magnificent as your home. We do that with commitment, care and unparalleled professional service. All at an affordable cost to you.

Our Multi-Step Process

When we come into your home, we do the following:

  1. Examine your carpet.
  2. Talk to you about your needs.
  3. Offer you the best services to meet your objectives.
  4. Complete those services in a timely manner and guarantee our work.
  5. Help you protect your carpet and furniture after cleaning.

What We Do

We do what it takes to give you service you're happy with after we leave. 

  1. Cover our shoes to keep further contaminants and dirt out.
  2. If necessary, we help you move items to clean under them (additional charges may be required).
  3. Vacuum the entire area to be cleaned. (This is needed for the best service possible.)
  4. Pre-treat the areas to be cleaned with a special cleaner, including spot treatments if desired.
  5. Shampoo, clean as you requested with high-pressure steam cleaning from our truck-mounted machine.
  6. Remove the cleaning solutions through high-vacuum extraction.
  7. Provide any other treatments you requested, such as stain protector.
  8. Place protectors under furniture feet in areas that were cleaned (carpet is still slightly damp after cleaning). These help protect the furniture from water damage.
  9. Provide you with booties to wear while the carpet continues to dry over the next several hours.
  10. Check with you after the service to be sure you're completely satisfied with our work. 

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